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I write about entrepreneurship, technology and consciousness.

I am a French Entrepreneur who writes often. I’ve been writing since 2003 when I first discovered blogging, and have never stopped sharing since then. I was born in the South of France, then lived in Paris, San Francisco, as well I spent about a year in the jungle in the Amazon forest, and many other places.

A tech entrepreneur and conference organizer

I passed 50 and have invested in many tech startups—and I still do. I also have a few startups and one of the first technology conferences in Europe called LeWeb. I co-founded and ran it with my ex-wife Geraldine for 12 consecutive years, it gathered 4000 people and an untold number of countries, maybe 80 or so. Then we sold it. I also invested in many startups as an “angel investor,” such as LinkedIn, very early on when many people did not believe in them. I still do.

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Entrepreneur on a permanent quest of being a better human being. I share daily my entrepreneurship, consciousness and spiritual teachings on Loic's Newsletter.