Sitemap - 2023 - Loic's letter - Exploring the Mysterious

Learning to control my mind and body in the Yawanawà indigenous dietas

My first time in the "Sacred Village" where I was renamed...

My first encounter with a scary witch

A cup is only useful if it's empty

Into the Jungle: A Spiritual Awakening with Snakes in my third Vision Quest

On spiritual teachers and who to trust

Mainly sharing with paid subscribers for a while.

"I am going to redefine your perception of time."

Going through my fears with the Vision Quest.

I have only one nation and one religion, nature.

Feeding your brain horror and having a hard time? Here are some tips.

"Follow your guts" -The Oracle.

A "medicine" difficult to use - the "rapé," a tobacco snuff from the Amazon jungle

Stopping it all. No doing, talking, seeing, or even moving. Breathing was the only action left.

A deer with blue blood turned me into a Dune movie character.

Learning to be alone. Meeting "Apu Ausangate."

Enchantment - "The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious"

New and ancient technologies to speak to dead people: AI & the "Inca Stargate", Chakana.

Change your story, change your life.

Daytime Shamanism and Healings in Peru

Beyond limitation and conditioning

Indigenous energy healings. Magic or placebo?


Funny muppet show doctors giving me lessons

Teaching #2 - Silence, When and How to Talk

Teaching #1 - Seeing reality as it is and landing back in the world.

Story #6 - A snake landed on my tongue and taught me to sing

Story #5 - Singing with the Spirits: Discovering the 'Magic' of Indigenous Songs

Story #4 - Kambo, frog poison in my body


Story #3 - The year of secret healings in California

Stories of healing myself

Story #2 - "Just" a dream of aliens changing my brain

A message to my paid subscribers

Creating a small circle of trust with you

On Life and Death, humans versus NPCs & bots.

My most difficult to tell stories from the jungle go to paid subscribers only from now on.

Writing a book.

Story #1 - My first plant ceremony in Peru - October 2016

The choice between being "Conscious" or "Unconscious"

Hope in "The Fall"

The search of the divine and when to stop seeking? (I'm back podcasting...)

Choeze Kuchen Rinpoche - Meditation and teachings

Please help us avoiding another indigenous genocide with just one signature, it takes two minutes

"Becoming Immortal" with Brian Muraresku

PAUA 2023 Schedule and why you should join

"Natural vs Artificial Intelligence" PAUA schedule and new online event announced!

Learning to feel as if I were just born

Creating our own realities - bridges between dreams and real life

The Power of Trust: Finding Stability in an Unstable World (off to the Amazon forest)

"Don't you see everything is perfect?" - SVB crashes, fears and tools to avoid them.

Invitation to come to Paris to learn from the Kogis - back from the Sundance

25 Friends isolated right now in the jungle in "Vision Quest" +PAUA Paris 2023 launched!

AI, consciousness, indigenous, dreams... Some tools I use.

The hidden secret of indigenous - Community.

Invitation to the Amazon Jungle March 20-30 2023

Who am I?

Free and Subscribers content is now the same.

Wishing you the best for 2023!