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caroline cory for sure, film maker, long time consciousness teacher, mystic and healer, author, omiumuniverse on twitter i think, insta and youtube as well, omniumuniverse.com, also french speaker , french following ..

mindo damalis for sure, in malta, highly skilled mystic, teacher, transmission giver, strong on levels of consciousness, aspects of consciousness evolution, proponent of new spiritual technologies, newhumanitylife.com and on youtube, insta ..

for pure vedanta, superb teacher, deeply grounded in ramana's teachings, james swartz, known as ram, shiningworld.com

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Thanks for this post. “Who am I” is a lovely/worthwhile enquiry and the results always stunning.

I worked with a couple of meditation techniques throughout my life. The recent ones were Satori and Gathering. There are Satori events in many places globaly, but Gathering events only in Germany and Netherlands as far as I am concerned.

The first one you have questions like “Who am I?”, “What is life?”, “Who am I when I am alone?” and the second technique has the instruction “Feel who you are, here and now”. I stick with the latter, it's more direct, non-authority and dissolves anxieties about the past and future. You can find more here: dasgathering.de

Last but not least, personally, I solve a lot of question marks in my head from J. Krishnamurti's work. If you are interested in questions like “Who am I” or "To whom do these thoughts arise" watch/listen to K’s dialogues with David Bohm. Here some links: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1n30s-LKus4oQ5fCd6MJ17waAMCsgumf

Ok, I hope that helped, at least this is my exposure to this matter. Have a lovely weekend everyone. Thanks for the great content here.

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I’ve been incorporating The Who Am I into my meditation practice as well as Byron Katie’s The Work. Challenging my thoughts and actively disidentifying with them. It’s challenging.

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The best book I read : "Who I am ? " (iInever stopped reading it, always with me)

One of my biggest Life objective... come to Arunachala, and visit the Ramana Ashram 👌

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lots to say :-) here, and nothing too .. you may want to look at patanjali's yoga sutras, the chapter on the siddhis, the natural abilities of a developed awareness, and relate them to the technology world you were so immersed in .. tech, as the out-picturing into 3d of what the developed mind can naturally do .. there is a huge door opening that you have walked through, and *somebody* has to save techbros from themselves, and the world from techbros :-)

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Great post! The "Who am I" text is very interesting. "What is called the world is only thought".

From my understanding, Indian saints don’t need to talk or write. Being in their presence, even briefly, is enough to feel their love and grow spiritually.

Personally, I practice self-inquiry almost daily using techniques such as Byron Katie's "The Work" (which focuses on non-attachment) or Brooke Castillo's CTFAR (which is more goal-oriented). In my experience, these techniques can be incredibly powerful, but they do require a desire for freedom.

If you're interested in self-inquiry & non-attachment, I highly recommend checking out Byron Katie. She's a master in this field.

She has written a book, "A Thousand Names for Joy," that offers her own interpretation of the Tao Te Ching as an everyday experience. I often read 1-2 pages before sleep. Mind blowing.

The audio version is also great.

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