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The flight attendant healer
The flight attendant healer

Here is a quick story.

I got in a plane (it wasn’t going to Ibiza, Bali or Tulum!).

I asked the flight attendant for a coffee. She was very nice and I appreciated the tone of her voice immediately. 

Her name is Christine (hi again Christine if you read this!).

I asked for a second coffee and for some reason she told me “coffee is bad for you” or something like that.

I thanked and quiet down the part of my mind that immediately kicked in “she’s judging me, why is she telling me that, not her problem, etc etc” to receive the message. Meditation.

Let’s pay attention instead.

Sometimes a few words from someone can just be a very important message that is disguised in something casual. 

I know she is right, of course. 

Coffee brings a temporary boost making me feel more energy but if I take a bit too much I will feel “stressed” or “oppressed” for hours. The effects of coffee also last about 9-10 hours so if I drink one at 15h I won’t sleep well, or won’t sleep as good as I could. Coffee is also addictive. I know all of that. I did not finish it.

I got curious why she felt that she should tell me this. I forgot how we got there but Christine told me she is a yoga teacher. I listened.

Very quickly she told me she also is a reiki “master” and does healings on people (and her fellow co-workers at the airline) all the time. 


Why did she tell me this? I did not recall having talked about healings or anything about this.

This is new for me. I would have never had anyone tell me that “randomly” in the past.

Nobody would have told me that, knowing I would have probably laughed or not received it in a good way. I was quite closed.

In a matter of minutes we ended up talking about the Amazon forest, ceremonies, indigenous, etc etc. I shared a bit about what I learned there.

I asked smiling - do you do any “healings on board” while you serve as a flight attendant?

Often! -she says. 

“People just tell me during the flight that they have a headache for example. I tell them I do energy work and might do a little something and I sometimes do. I also do lots of healings at home.”

I asked “Do you charge for it?” - she said “at home yes, otherwise people don’t take it seriously”.

There are shamans in the forest, sorcerers and witches, but the flight attendant in a random plane?

We are so closed that we don’t feel much anymore. I called it “the invisible evil” in a note I wrote during the same flight.

I wonder if people believing in healings or performing them is a growing trend or if it was always there and I was just not aware. Is it just the tail of the dying new age era?

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Loic's letter - Exploring the Mysterious

Loic Le Meur's Podcast

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