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The End of the "New Age" era?
The End of the "New Age" era?
How to tell "shit from Shinola" (Terence McKenna)

Let’s start with a good laugh? Humor is always good.

I noticed a growing number of parodies of shamans or plant medicine, energy work or new-age ways of speaking on social media

Most of you might not get it because you might not be in touch with that “new-age” crowd, here is another, broader one.

Making plans with a spiritual person

Even our friend and long time expert in consciousness exploration Dennis McKenna noticed the halloween memes, they were so all over the place they were difficult to miss…

It’s not only about plant medicine work, it’s about anything “new-age” and there is a lot of that around us today. I am exposed to it.

I really love humor and not taking things too seriously.

Let’s be honest, anyone in or close to the modern new-age community recognized themselves in one or more of the jokes in the parodies.

I have recognized myself in it for sure and that’s why I find it funny. I deleted many photos and videos I posted a few years ago when I fell myself into the trap of trying to look like an indigenous and over-sharing online when I could not make sense of what I received in the forest. I’m more balanced and discrete now… fortunately!

Changing my mind was really good, but to the point of losing my mind, not so much.

The brother of Dennis, Terence McKenna expressed concerns about the so called “new-age” community about 20 or 30 years ago, here is a video really worth watching.

There is no distinction between shit and Shinola.

One person is a Chaos Theorist, another is a follower of the revelations of this or that New Age guru, someone else is channeling information from the Pleiades, and we have been taught that political correctness demands that we treat all these things with equal weight. Because we have no mathematical ability, no logical ability, we don't know how to ask the questions that expose some positions as preposterous, trivial, insulting to the intelligence, and unworthy of repetition.”

“The enemy that will really subvert the enterprise of building a world based on clarity is the belief that we cannot point out the pernicious forms of idiocy that flourish in our own community.”

“It’s a test of our own intelligence.

We have perfected our own foolishness. Now I think it's time to refine our mathematical skills, learn to think straight, and not be afraid to denounce the pernicious forms of foolishness, which are vitiating the energies of our community and making us appear marginal and absurd in the discourse about truly transforming society.”

It’s time to learn to think straight, Terence said more than twenty years ago. It seems we did not always “get the memo” yet.

Is the “New Age” culture dead? Has it lost its mind?

We all have different views and I respect each and everyone’s views.

Relativism is the belief that there's no absolute truth, only the truths that a particular individual or culture happen to believe. If you believe in relativism, then you think different people can have different views about what's moral and immoral.

Now I am going to write my opinion, feel free to post yours in comments.


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Loic's letter - Exploring the Mysterious

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