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Invite to Vision Quest in Bacalar, Mexico.
Invite to Vision Quest in Bacalar, Mexico.
Feb 20-25 2023
The space where I did my first vision quest, between the flags, in South Dakota. The weather was way worse and it snowed.

A vision quest is very much like a more intense meditation retreat. It’s about going back to the most absolute simplicity. It’s about reconnecting to nature and yourself, resetting your own system and getting stronger.

Vision quest is 4 days and 4 nights in silence in nature, alone, no contact and in the same little space with the absolute minimum with you and no food, no water. Absolutely no substance of any kind.

It is the beginning of what the native Americans call the “red road”. I did my first two vision quests with Lakotas in South Dakota.

It has been life-changing for me so I now help organize a vision quest where everyone, men and women, are welcome.

You can do it only for one day the first year, or two days, or 3, in other words you can aim at 4 days but only do what you can do. You’re alone, but there is support a few minutes walk away from you. You can stop it when you want.

Why would you bother spending 4 days and 4 nights alone in nature?

Getting to know yourself. Being completely alone is a strong “reset”. No food and no water is tough but not as much as you think. Going beyond your own limits (or what you think they are) will make you stronger when life throws hard things at you.

Some of the “medicines” of the vision quest


You won’t see anyone or talk to anyone.

No activity

Doing absolutely nothing. Meditating. No distractions, no to-do list, no phone, no contact with the outside world, no books, nothing to write on. Nothing comes in, nothing comes out of your brain in a traditional way. Learn to watch the sky, the stars, the trees and animals around.


Absolutely nothing gets in your mouth for up to 4 days and 4 nights. No substances, no alcohol, no tobacco, no food, not even water. Is it dangerous? It has been done for centuries. I have done it 5 times including my Sundances (we fast and dance on no food or water) and always got stronger, my health has never been as good as now.

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No sound apart from the animals around (or rarely some other vision questers not far who might sing a song!). You will hear many birds, other animals and the wind…

The medicine of a gift

Preparing the space here with a friend, that was actually for a Moon Dance, in service to women. Same jungle in Bacalar where this vision quest happens.

This is not a paid retreat or even a retreat at all

We are not asking for a registration fee. Nobody is paid to organize it. We are only asking for a $100 cost participation necessary to help setup the space, the wood, food for before and after, setting up the camp and the strict minimum to run it safely. Some vision quests are commercial in a way and therefore organized as a small business or paying the organizers, this isn’t the case here. If you cannot pay the $100 contribution to help for the space, let us know and we will find a solution. Every one working to facilitate it is a volunteer. Please be mindful of this when asking for things.

Trust the mystery

Traditionally there is very little information given to the participants. This is how it is and it is meant to be this way. When I did my first vision quest I was offered to show up without much information. I am writing some info here as most people interested aren’t familiar with it and the way it works.

I just would love to see more and more people experiment the vision quest and its benefits.

One of the exercices is TRUST. Trust the process, trust the mystery, trust that you don’t have much information, there is no website, no person you can email about everything, nobody to organize your trip (we just give a meeting point)… Most important, trust yourself!

Another exercice is self organization. Plan your trip to arrive, Get the minimum you need and that’s it. The most important is to show-up.

The Vision Quest happens nearby the laguna of Bacalar, we can enjoy the sunsets and baths before and after the Vision Quest. During, we’re in the nearby jungle.

In this “path” I learned to ask less and less questions.

The “Chief”, Miguel Flores

Miguel Flores

Miguel Flores is Mexican of Maya origin working leading spiritual work, Vision Quest and Sundance for decades. He worked with both Mexican and Lakota masters.
He is a Temazcal and Sundance Chief (meaning he can lead them).

Miguel supervises all with love and care, there are no tricks, that’s not the way this experience is (some are lead by “tricksters” as part of the training, this isn’t the case here). Everything is organized to help you succeed.

In the space where we will Vision Quest and Sundance

Zoom call this upcoming Tuesday Nov 29th at 18h CET for questions and information, zoom link. You can also join our Vision Quest What’s app group here.


Vision Quest Feb 20-25 2023

We recommend everyone arrives on site by February 20th in Bacalar, Mexico (exact location provided to participants).

The vision quest starts early morning of February 21st, 2023 and lasts until the 25th (4 days and 4 nights). Everyone is asked to stay on the 25th even if they stop before as it is a very intense process.

Sundance Feb 26 - March 3 2023

Those who complete the Vision Quest can stay to participate or attend the Sundance (otherwise closed to any spectator).

Those who complete the vision quest and decide to Sundance must commit for 4 years in a row doing the Sundance every year. Vision quest has no other commitment than showing up and starting it with the intention of finishing 4 days and 4 nights once.

What to bring (to be detailed to those who confirm)

For before and after the vision quest

Come camp the day before and after, bring basic camping gear and change of clothes necessary, water bottle, etc.

Only the following items are allowed to bring to the vision quest site

  • one set of clothes, the clothes you will be wearing that day

  • a hat to protect from the sun

  • a blanket for the night or a warm jacket

  • a pillow or rollable yoga type mat

  • mosquito repellent and mosquito protection clothes or the smallest individual tent with a mosquito net to protect from the mosquitoes that can be quite intense there (otherwise no tent would be allowed).

Stay outside of the tent as much as possible, this is meant to be a refuge anti mosquitoes… Lack of sleep is part of the vision quest.

Here is the individual tent I used, less the “luxury” bed sheets that was for another trip.

You will have to be able to carry everything you have yourself to walk to your vision quest site, so you won’t be able to take much anyway.

Not allowed

  • substances of any kind

  • water or food

  • books, phone, electronics, notebooks

The Temazcal

A Temazcal (or Inipi in Lakota tradition) is a sweat lodge where stones are brought inside to heat it. If you do not understand it you can think of it as a hamman but if you do, it is a very intense spiritual experience. There are two Temazcal at the Vision Quest, one before and one after. The Sundancers do two temazcals each day.

Last year we were a group of about 10 friends (they aren’t all on the below photo) and everyone completed the vision quest.

Let’s meet next week on zoom or whatsapp if you are interested. Aho!

I also posted a video on my Instagram with the invite.

Zoom call this upcoming Tuesday Nov 29th at 18h CET for questions and information, zoom link. You can also join our Vision Quest What’s app group here.

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Loic's letter - Exploring the Mysterious

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