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Invitation to come to Paris to learn from the Kogis - back from the Sundance
Invitation to come to Paris to learn from the Kogis - back from the Sundance

Hi everyone, I am so excited to share this news today - the Kogis are coming to PAUA Paris May 12-13 it will be very rare and very special.

The Kogis are one of the most ancient and isolated indigenous peoples in the World.

Their masters the “Mamos” are isolated in a dark cave from birth for 9 to 20 years to connect to nature and train to assume their roles as spiritual leaders.

They do not receive groups, do tours or hold ceremonies and have lived isolated in the mountains of Sierra Nevada in Colombia for more than 4,000 years.

Their “medicine” is their “word” and they decided to break their silence and isolation to deliver a strong message to protect the planet at PAUA Paris.

It’s thanks to Lucas Buchholz (a member of the PAUA community) that consulted with them about a sharing their knowledge with us. Lucas has gained their trust working with them for many years and wrote a book about the Kogis available in German and French.

I highly recommend watching this movie for free on YouTube (1.8M views!) about them.

The Kogis will be with us throughout PAUA Paris (get an early bird ticket to come meet them and support PAUA bringing more mind blowing speakers) and deliver their messages as well as exchange thoughts and action ideas with the participants.

"It is your job to work with technology. But it should work like nature itself, not against it."

-Mama Bernardo Mascote Zarabata

Our theme this year for PAUA is Articifial vs Natural intelligence.

The Kogis will be the voice of mother nature and its intelligence. With our constant use of smartphones and now AI tools we are more and more merging with machines ourselves while they have always been one with nature.

I am personally extremely excited to receive them at PAUA and hope you can join us in this special gathering where technology experts, entrepreneurs and consciousness leaders will meet to discuss our future.

Now a bit of personal news with this newsletter…

Back from my third Sundance - a few teachings

Last week, I was talking to you about the 25 women and men entering the Vision Quest and it all went well for their isolation, 4 days no food no water.

In his video about “conscious manifestation” Eckhart Tolle said:

“Something wants to be created through you, whatever it might be, maybe it might be writing a book or creating a conscious business… You may have a vision of what it is you want to achieve, then you focus on that vision and the most powerful way to manifest is in experiencing the fullness of the present moment, life in its fullness. It is a state of being, to experience, to realize the being within you, the -I am-. Then no future moment can be better than this present moment. If you have a vision in your mind of what it is you want to create and you bring this vision into this sense of fullness of the now is the most powerful. Whatever it is you want to have you need to feel you already have it.”

When I started doing my two first vision quests I was alone but strongly seeing the benefits for me I wished that I could share it with more people too.

A handful of friends joined us 3 years ago when Miguel, a Mexican maya spiritual chief, started the vision quest and Sundance of Bacalar. Last year, about 15 joined us and this year we were about 50 people including all the helpers. “Something seems to be happening through me” :-) I want to keep going.

I hope you too will experience a vision quest next year, should be last week of February as well.

Even our son Falco made it, here is Miguel carrying him in our circle in the jungle.

The “red road” starts with the vision quest then heads into the Sundance, it was my third this year, the commitment is 4 years in a row minimum (no commitment for the vision quest). It is a path of transformation and reconnection to nature.

The work of the Sundance isn’t shared much (it needs to be lived rather than told) so I will share some of my teachings but not the process itself too much.

It is a 4 day dance under the Sun, men only that includes like the vision quest 4 days without food or water.

I could write a book about what I learned, so I will share the learnings over a few newsletters.

Here is the main one, it feels like a total death and rebirth, each time.

It was my third but it did not get particularly easier, I just received different teachings. Every year we dance to a different direction, a different energy:
-will (white)
-transformation (black)
-wisdom of the ancestors (red)
-tools, our body being one (yellow)

No food and no water, staying in the jungle isolated as a group is very powerful.

With all the other Sundancers, I felt myself getting weaker by the hour. My mouth got dry really fast and going through the need for water was challenging. My body was constantly reminding me of it. It is great mind training to go beyond that most basic need.

Why would I do that now 3 years in a row?

It is about learning to transcend the physical body and its needs for a few days. It is a reminder how life is precious and how important is water and nature.

Deprived of water entirely while still dancing under a heavy sun helps get my spirit stronger. It helps me appreciate everything when the process is done, especially a glass of water (mixed with tea, juice or corn powder for me as I am also still in my one year diet until April 2).

The red road doesn’t stop during vision quests and Sundance, it starts when these experiences end. It is a training for life.

Life constantly brings challenges - the red road teaches humility and how to go through pretty much anything. I “died” a few times already, so any new challenge or fear should be easier to overcome. It’s a process to completely remove fear of… anything including death itself.

We aren’t allowed not only to drink water but also touch it for 4 days (no washing at all, not even the hands), imagine how I appreciated that jump in the Bacalar laguna after.

I will keep more teachings I received from the Sundance for another newsletter.

I really hope you can join us in Paris for PAUA, a good way to get a taste of all these ancient teachings without having to go through the Sundance, I hope to see you there!

Getting a ticket early helps us make the event better. Thank you!

Loic's letter - Exploring the Mysterious

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