I am thinking of a completely new event bridging new technologies and ancient technologies. Every session and topic could include new/ancient or mind/heart technologies.

Loic, fantastic idea. If you can bring in people who have built and experimented with any of the following peoples work to name a few

Viktor Schauberger

Wilhelm Reich

Nikola Tesla

Itzhack Bentov

This will be of huge value to humanity.

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Avec un peu de retard, joyeux anniversaire Loic et felicitation pour votre futur heureux événement avec Magdalena.

Bon courage et plein de belles choses à vous pour la suite.

A bientôt, d'une maniére ou d'une autre...

Meilleures pensées

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Happy Birthday belated Loic and congratulations on your new boy! It brings me joy to see you so happy in your new life :-)

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Congratulations Löic and Magdalena!!

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Loic- so great in all ends. Congratulations for the baby, for the birthday and I am very interested in the areas you are working. Am Mexican as you might remember and i see an incredible opportunity on psychedelics and shamanic practices. Would love to talk

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Congratulations! Happy Birthday. Would like to learn more about plant experience and healing trauma and CPTSD. Thank you.

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Muchas muchas felicidades soy muy feliz para ti después de toda una vivencia y experiencia es hermoso ver estas fotos recuerda nunca doblar las alas que las alas se an echo para volar siempre alto

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Salut Loïc,

C’est un très grand plaisir d’avoir de tes nouvelles et de voir ce que tu deviens.

Ton récit est très inspirant et permet de prendre un peu de recul sur pas mal de choses !

Au plaisir de te recroiser si l’occasion se présente, à Paris, New York ou ailleurs 😊

A bientôt.

Guillaume Alonso

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Dear Loic, you're one if the most wonderful, shiny people I know and the one who works so much to learn and grow too. I learn so much from you and miss you. Lots of love from Bodrum, where we are with my partner Erling, and daughters (he has three I have two, so we're your opposite it seems and should introduce the "kids"! Yeşim and Asya are black belt in karate now, have a couple of gold medals, had to share, as a proud Mama :) and loved reading about all your boys. Congratulations on the baby too, to you both!

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Love your courage and journey, Loic 🙌🏻 I totally support your new event idea, happy to help 💯

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