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Kumbaya kumbaya

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So much here worthy of discussing! I'll just leave one thought below:

"What does praying mean if there are no gods and religions to believe in other than nature? Praying to whom?"

My answer, as a human and as a Jew, is praying to the Creator. The One who created and actively guides everything.

To me, praying to "nature" would be like if someone brings you a chair to sit on, and you thank the chair. Or if someone designs and builds a new house for you and you think the house designed and built itself.

The house is the product of the architect/builder. And the more sophisticated the house is, the more sophisticated its architect must be. So to with our world. Our world with the most beautiful colors and creations. The whole idea of life and the essence of nature itself. What a brilliant creation. Imagine how sophisticated our Architect must be!

That's who I pray to. That's where my manifestations go to be answered.

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Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run

There's still time to change the road you're on

(From Stairway to Heaven... a song of hope)

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Praying to ourselves. Praying to the divine within. We are nature and nature is us. The water is our blood, the fire our spirit, the earth our body and the air is our breathe. It is all us. It is all a projection of us. Different dimensions all living within. The earth is mirroring the chaos within its inhabitants, us. The only way to preserve it is by shifting what’s inside. The only way to preserve us and stop the wars is by shifting what’s inside. We are on the edge of a great rebirth. Death is inevitable: the death of our collective plague. The places where the wars keep arising are centers of light. Unity consciousness. The war is beyond physical. It is one of consciousness. I believe cosmic order will play out as intended. Justice prevails. We are the anchors for it. Bridging the heavens with the earth. It happens through us. Each and everyone of us. The time is now.

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