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How a Simple Teaching changed my life - our 4 bodies

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How a Simple Teaching changed my life - our 4 bodies
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I would like to start by thanking many of you in a few days to get a paid subscription to my newsletter. Here is my first paid-only post, after the “paywall” of Substack that I am using for the first time, and this is only emailed to my subscribers, feels like a new start. I also moved my podcast to Substack but no changes for you if you’re already subscribed to it on Apple Podcasts or on Spotify.

It’s not often that a very simple idea I could have read about or overlooked in the past really changed how I think and act. It will feel very simple when you read it but maybe the podcast will help understanding why I consider it so important.

This concept was shared in a private group with the “Oracle” -Greg- I wrote about yesterday, Greg. I don’t know if it’s exclusively from Greg as the concept of multiple bodies has been touched on by other people, of course. It’s the first time I pay so much attention to it. It just makes sense.

I used to think of myself as one body. The physical body I could see and feel with a brain in it. I spent the 40 first years of my life building businesses and living my life with that image of myself.

In the forest I quickly realized that this was a very narrow version of “me” and there was a “spiritual body” that was capable of doing other things and even seeing my physical body from the outside, what some people call “out-of-body-experiences” which I have had and still have regularly.

The indigenous told me regularly “remember your spiritual path” or “without awareness of your spiritual body, humans are nothing”. After becoming aware of it I started focusing for about 3 years almost entirely on that “spiritual body”.

My new Oracle, Greg started his first session explaining we have 4 bodies, which got me instantly interested.

  • the physical body

  • the mental body

  • the shadow body

  • the spiritual body

Greg also said we should work equally daily on our 4 bodies. I obviously worked on the first two all my life until I worked with indigenous and got some plants in my physical body…

I thought I was good thinking of myself as the “physical version of me” and the “spiritual version of me” but now I think of myself as “4 bodies” that all need work.

Let me explain what I understood for each “body” in Greg’s explanations and immediate changes in my life, daily.

I recorded a video only for you to celebrate my first post here:

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Loic's letter - Exploring the Mysterious

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