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Hope in "The Fall"
Hope in "The Fall"

This is a sad short film, it only lasts a few minutes though, I highly recommend you watch it. It gives an interesting perspective on why we’re here.

It’s from Charles Eisenstein who was never part of the matrix, he grew-up already awakened and writes a fantastic newsletter.

This short film had a deep impact on me as this is exactly how I am feeling right now looking at the world and its normalized atrocities.

Everything is normal. Suffering has been normalized. Many who care find it difficult to know where to start, fortunately few found it.

Charles Eisenstein offers an answer to his own question

“What the heck am I doing here? Who marooned me on Planet Crazy?”

Answer: Me.

His explanation of the mystery of life and why we would still want to have babies in this crazy world (worldwide birth rates declining) would be that we all chose consciously before birth to “fall in the hell pit” then awake in it and realize that we are not special, there are many others like us and that we are here to do something, and do it together.

Charles takes the time to explain it is not the “chosen ones” in his interpretations post:

“Take it over-literally, and you may assume that some few of us are here as saviors to rescue the benighted masses from Hell. Not so. The fallen angels do not incarnate as some people and not others. They incarnate not just “as” but also “in” each one of us.”

In his follow-up post Charles says we can all stay in temporary comfort (enjoying life when we can, it’s summer we could be partying or just keep ignoring how the world is suffering “because we only have one life so we might as well enjoy it”) or we can all become those luminous beings holding hands and plunging consciously into the pit.

“They do so in peace, in joy, in serenity. They do not feel sorry for themselves as they take the plunge. They meet their mission gladly.”

This is a sad film but it offers a very optimistic way to go forward. Charles created this film for himself, so he can watch it again and again and remind himself why he’s here.

The film touches me also as this is how my friends indigenous see what we do to the world. They are working hard at helping to change it, planting trees and sharing their knowledge that they used to keep for themselves. They decided to hold hands with us even though we destroyed or enslaved so many of them. They had no choice than holding our hands and helping us.

I see this movie as an incredible reminder that we can all be one of these luminous beings and find something to work on to make the world a better place rather than ignoring what’s going on.

Now, you might ask me…

Thanks for sharing this lesson you might say, but what is it exactly you are doing?

I’m not pointing fingers. I’m also talking to myself. I did nothing compared to heroes such as the founders of Charity Water (Scott Harrison) or the Ocean Cleanup (Boyan Slat). I had to heal myself first. Now that I think I’m healed enough, I am trying a few things to help and will keep sharing.

Thanks for the reminder, Charles.


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Loic's letter - Exploring the Mysterious

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