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Funny muppet show doctors giving me lessons

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Loic Le Meur
After launching startups and conferences all his life Loic spent a year in the Amazon forest with indigenous and came back exploring consciousness but staying grounded in business. See also Loic's newsletter at
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The doctors often came during my first two years working with telepathine (I will use this term for “plant medicine.” It’s fun).

They came to almost every session since my second one, where I landed in an alien spaceship’s surgery room. They took very different forms, shape-shifting from one character to another, alternating with a snake teaching me to sing.

Two exceptional doctors showed up during a ceremony I did at the Akasha retreat center in Rio de Janeiro.

They were Kermit the Frog and Telly Monster dressed up as doctors!

They were hilarious and found stuff that needed fixing or connecting in my body. They were always laughing as they saw something cluttering my brain and were taking it out of them and throwing it away.

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We don’t need this! We don’t need that anymore either. Amazing how much crap he has accumulated. Let’s throw this away too.

Each time I was thinking about something other than observing the doctors do their work, I had the two old guys at the muppet show, “Statler and Waldorf” get angry at me and tell me:


Let the doctors do their work, please! Thoughts are interfering with our work, we ask you to stop having thoughts and just watch us work.

It wanted me to only “observe” and watch what was happening, the two doctors fixing things.

The two doctors were going from my stomach to my liver and moving all around my body. This process was taking hours and as they were “working” they were cracking jokes, making fun of me, taking breaks seated on top of me (there were very small)…

I kept smiling or even laughing sometimes loud during the entire ceremony.

Was the medicine teaching me to stop having thoughts and only concentrate on one? It seemed so. After teaching me to sing as I wrote in one of my previous newsletters, it taught me to only think about one thought at a time.


Same if I would worry about anything, I was getting a “let us do our work PLEASE” by the old guys in the muppet show. They angry.

After being in the middle of an Aliens story during my second experience, I was now in a Muppet Show episode.

What was going on with that “medicine”?

Was it my imagination going extremely creative using TV shows or movies I know, or was it “the medicine” just using meaningful and easy-to-understand images for me to get the lessons as fast as possible?

It did not matter as long as the healing work progressed during these sessions and the lessons kept being repeated:

“Stop thinking and only observe.”

“Do not worry; worrying is a waste of energy.”

The lessons were coming very visually, I loved it.

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