Thank you for your always powerful insights Loïc. I’ve been following you under the role of entrepreneur for years as I was studying marketing. When you started your spiritual journey, I was in a place where I could understand the quest but not feel the call. I had the honor to be introduced to the Medicine last weekend and I’m sure it would not have been the same without your generous testimonies and writing or the PAUA community.

So I’m very grateful for this.

Everyday, thanks to you and the community, I can remain on the path that seems to be the right one, through the readings and the sources you share (Jung, Jodo, Casteñada...), the very impactful threads on the PAUA canal, the energy it creates. It’s like a spider web where connections are multiplying as the community is growing.

Following your guts is definitely the best advice one can follow, though it could be difficult to understand the signals.

Merci encore d’avoir le courage d’outrepasser les opinions du tout un chacun et de nous partager ton cheminement.

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I came here because I was curious to read what you've written. So much of what I see is people trying to teach others how to live which seems like popular thing now but not backed up by any real experience. It's rare to actually get a perspective that has some depth and insight to it which I appreciated.

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That Jodorowsky image is fantastic! Now you see it, now you don't...

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Thank you, Loic! I’ve been following you for many years, but I truly connected with you when you opened up about your experiences with medicines and Amazon. You inspired me to explore my spiritual side, which had been dormant. Thanks for all you do and for being a steward of Mother Earth!

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Love it that you are wing foiling Loic. It is Zen for me too.

Thank you for the ascending descending cartoon.

Reminds me of the Sai Weng Shi Ma story... It's a comment on the flipping of good and bad (climbing or falling).

From Wikipedia https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_old_man_lost_his_horse

夫禍富之 (also 夫禍福之) 轉而相生, Good luck and bad luck create each other

其變難見也. and it is difficult to foresee their change.

近塞上之人有善術者. A righteous man lived near the border.

馬無故亡而入胡. For no reason, his horse ran off into barbarian territory.

人皆吊之.(also 人皆弔之.) Everyone [people] felt sorry for him.

其父曰: [But] His father spoke [to him]:

„此何遽不為福乎?“ "Who knows if that won't bring you good luck?"

居數月, Several months later

其馬將胡駿馬而歸. his horse came back with a group of [good, noble] barbarian horses.

人皆賀之. Everyone [people] congratulated him.

其父曰: [But] His father spoke [to him]:

„此何遽不能為禍乎?“ "Who knows if that won't bring you bad luck?"

家富良馬, Now his house is rich in horses

其子好騎, and the son mounted with joy/loved riding.

墮而折其髀. He fell and broke his leg.

人皆吊之. Everyone [people] felt sorry for him.

其父曰: [But] His father spoke [to him]:

„此何遽不為福乎?“ "Who knows if that won't bring you good luck?"

居一年, One year later

胡人大入塞, the barbarians invaded across the border.

丁壯者引弦而戰, Adult men strung up their bows and went into battle.

近塞之人,死者十九, Nine out of ten border residents were killed,


except for the son because of his broken leg.

父子相保. Father and son were protected/both survived.

故福之為禍, Hence: Bad luck brings good luck

禍之為福. and good luck brings bad luck.

化不可極, This happens without end

深不可測也. and nobody can estimate it.

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