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Feeding your brain horror and having a hard time? Here are some tips.
Feeding your brain horror and having a hard time? Here are some tips.
Some of the "dieta" restrictions and how they can be beneficial when the shit hits the fan
“My” hut in the Amazon Forest, which they call “Casa Mashkuru”

Are you having a hard time watching all that violence, suffering, and death, especially from innocent children and mothers? I feel you. I feel it, too, and very strong.

Stop looking at horrible media news these days.

Their business model is to get your attention to sell advertising, and it’s working great these days. Stop ruining your brain.

Here are a few tips I learned to get back on my feet and balance when I feel unbalanced.

It is unnecessary to do all of them unless you want to be “monk-like.”

Sometimes, some or all of these restrictions are needed to balance or to progress, but only the most dedicated spiritual people can sustain them constantly.

I often get back into some of the dieta restrictions, embracing some or all of them, especially in tough periods like this one. Everybody seems to be suffering more.

You can only help others if you feel good and balance yourself first.

Take care of your brain first. Anything you hear, watch, or read has an impact.

When people feel bad, they either take medication or change their diet. For me, the most important is what comes into your brain. What are you watching reading, and who are you talking to? How much time are you watching atrocities and war on Instagram or X?

Everything that we allow inside our brains affects us.

The world is a hard place to live in right now.

Never forget that media businesses are here to get your attention and make money. They have no other mission. Feeding your brain horror is their business model.

When the shit hits the fan inside you, start by closing the gates and isolating as much as possible only with family, friends, or a container that you feel is “good.” Stop looking at the news and social media for a while. Stop talking to friends about how horrible the world has become; you only amplify your pain.

It might sound selfish, but if you feel bad, take care of yourself first. Healer, heal yourself. You cannot help anyone without feeling good and balancing yourself first.

Meditate. Walk in nature. Go exercise and move your body. Spend a few days away from a city and leave your phone as much as possible. Stay off WhatsApp.

I get it; you need to take care of family and friends and can’t disappear for months offline in the jungle, as I was lucky enough to do.

Do what you can with what you have, isolate yourself, and go inside as much as possible. Even a little will help.

Remove the bad habits.

If something terrible is cooking inside you, you are most likely using crutches to contain the fire. Sadly, anything you do to compensate for your unbalanced feelings using bad habits goes against you.

Do you smoke? You are killing yourself. Watch this with your entire attention.

At least kill yourself consciously if that is what you are doing. Stop anything that your guts tell you is bad for you. If you don’t smoke, look at anything you are doing that is contributing to destroying yourself. Alcohol is poison. Sex can be another terrible thing for you.

Keep your energy and avoid receiving other people’s

My teachers told me this. “No sex is the most important. If you break the rule of sex abstinence, your dieta is over, period, no matter what else you did.”

Let’s talk about sex. Yes, “tantric sex,” too.

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Loic's letter - Exploring the Mysterious

Loic Le Meur's Podcast

After launching startups and conferences all his life Loic spent a year in the Amazon forest with indigenous and came back exploring consciousness but staying grounded in business. See also Loic's newsletter at http://loiclemeur.com