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Daytime Shamanism and Healings in Peru

Discovering I could have visions eyes open.


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Loic Le Meur
After launching startups and conferences all his life Loic spent a year in the Amazon forest with indigenous and came back exploring consciousness but staying grounded in business. See also Loic's newsletter at
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With “my” Peruvian Shaman, Percy. A man who changed my life with love.

Writing the stories of my shamanic journey has been fun. I am only getting started as I write about two stories a week. What’s essential for me is to find the teachings and “gifts” for growth and personal improvement; otherwise, this would be just a collection of experiences.

I wrote about my first and second ceremonies in Peru (where Aliens changed my brain), a year of secret healings, being injected a frog poison, the magic of indigenous songs, a snake teaching me to sing, landing back in the world, learning silence, receiving healings from muppet show doctors and powerful group healing sessions.

In these stories, I also share teachings, like removing the limits of the conditioning of my brain.

All the shamanic experiences I wrote about above were mainly during the night. I discovered I could also have visions and see magic during the day…

Did I say Magic? Please take a look at what my friend Daniel Pinchbeck wrote about it in a serious attempt to define what it is.

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Today, I am taking you to Peru again; this was in January 2018. I flew back to the former Capital of the Inca Empire, Cusco, to meet the same shamans that did my first “initiation.”

Edinson who guided my first voyage into the world of spirits died from a motorcycle accident (see story #1). Percy introduced me to new shamans, Alfredo and Puma. I loved going back to Cusco. Nature is stunning, the air is pure at 11,000 feet, and the food is fantastic.

I was not coming for tourism; I was just irresistibly attracted to shamanism and what I did not know my brain and body could do. I spent my life building startups in technology, and then I became obsessed with what technology and science could not explain yet. I was so curious about it.

Is this all theatre and “just” drinking plants in nature?

Or is it an ancient technology we forgot about, killed most of those who knew about it, and then ridiculed their practices?

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Alfredo and Percy, posted with authorization.

The two Peruvian shamans picked me up at my hotel, and we went to old “sacred” places. No idea what “sacred” meant.

Stealth shamans

Their daily job is as tourist guides. They could have guided us to Machu Picchu (here is their website!), and we would have never known anything about their mystical knowledge and practices. It is the same in Mexico or the Amazon jungle of Brazil. The boat or car driver might also be a medicine man; you will likely never know about it.

Looking around, I could only see two tourist guides, a group of tourists in a small bus that included me and ruins in beautiful nature.

I have never been interested in history and have focused on the future through technology all my life, so seeing old ruins was not that exciting but I was curious to see what was coming next.

They started with some explanations while one did some weird things, blowing tobacco smoke from his pipe into his hat… I was intrigued.

Shamanism is hidden because we prosecuted, ridiculed, and killed the “sorcerers” in the past. Tens of thousands of "witches” were killed in Europe, and once that was done, we went to kill them in America.

The shamans took us on a hike that became one of my lifetime memories.

We took a path among natural rocks, and the shamans started playing the flute, which reminded me of the Indigenous songs I had heard during my previous ceremonies at night. It felt very different, though; they were not singing; the flute was singing. It was as if they were talking through the flute.

The flute seemed to tell a story.

Our two Shamans, Percy and Alfredo, posted with permission.

We started walking on a beautiful path but also intriguing as the path was highlighted with white rocks, and the entrance went through an elevated cross. I did not wonder why, just another cross; who cares was I thinking?

Magic starts.

As we kept walking, the rocks suddenly seemed to take human or animal forms. I highlighted what I saw on my iPad with my “excellent” drawing skills!

It was like a gigantic “guardian” at the path's entrance between the rocks.

Everything seemed magical, and it was just a start.

I was also about to get another shamanic energy healing during this walk, standing up this time.

I got permission to post the video of me receiving the healing, which is rare as “what is sacred is secret,” they say.

The healing came with a beautiful song and used feathers. I closed my eyes, and it was like a bird touching me. The feathers and prayers felt beautiful and calming.

Here is the healing recorded in a video

More “magic” was coming; this was only a start. What was this healing about? How did they learn doing this? Why were rocks suddenly “alive”?

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