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Creating our own realities - bridges between dreams and real life
Creating our own realities - bridges between dreams and real life

Back from 10 days in the Amazon forest sacred village with a group of 14 friends that I invited here, I randomly saw this Elon tweet yesterday (I cannot embed it anymore as apparently the new “notes” feature making Substack more like Twitter made Elon to forbid embedding tweets on Substack!). It said:

Starship fully stacked at Starbase. Team is working towards a launch rehearsal next week followed by Starship’s first integrated flight test ~week later pending regulatory approval

Did you notice “Starship is pointy”? This is fun, Elon made his rocket more pointy because of The Dictator movie. It had to be “more scary” even though the aerodynamics are slightly worse.

“Round is not scary”. Elon wants his Starship to be scary, just as a joke or is there anything else inspired by the Dictator? World domination?

A manager at SpaceX called me yesterday.

“Elon would like you to join the next Starship human expedition”. Did not even think about it, took a plane and here I was getting briefed and prepared for the mission.

I put on an awesome space suit and got very focused on the complex and interesting briefings. I was then transferred to a sealed and secured pod where the 10 or so humans going to space were getting final preparations.

Elon was there with a few other Silicon Valley friends I recognized, he was smiling and seemed happy to see me, I was happy to be here too. We met a few times in the past, Elon came to one of my past conference LeWeb exclusive dinners. We used to book the entire restaurant of the famous Chef Guy Savoy. People who joined one of these are still talking to me about it 10 years later.

I am told that the mission will be two weeks longs, we are going to stay the entire time in the Space Station which orbits around Earth. There is internet connection there but really minimal, I am told, despite Starlink’s progress.

I cannot be more excited but I think about the organization of PAUA happening in a bit more than a month (early bird tickets end on April 10, you might want to grab a ticket today). I try to call Magdalena to tell her I am going to be off for 2 weeks again but hopefully everything will be fine.

We’re finally taking-off (I know, the below rocket isn’t that pointy but that’s all I could find).

Just minutes before take-off one of the participants tells me about the SpaceShip engine. He says it’s the safest and simplest design ever, incredibly powerful and I should not worry.

Worry? I do not worry at all. Worrying is a waste of energy, so is anger. I have been much better at pushing away these unnecessary thoughts as I just closed my one year “dieta” or initiation (more on this later…)

As we pierce the sky on our way to space the engine noise gives room to a different new noise, like a voice. Curious to understand what it is. It feels like a baby talking to me. I feel a gentle bite of a baby with no teeth on my nose.

I open my eyes and here is my son, baby Falco, playing on top of me and working on waking me up with his smile and familiar voice.

This is the best way to wake-up.

Funny that we named him “Falco” for the “falcon” bird (the fastest flying bird in the world) and that Elon named his starship “Falcon9”, we weren’t influenced by this at all, more by indigenous wisdom.

Why am I sharing this dream story?

There were many gifts in the consciousness tools I have been using. If there is one obvious change in myself that I experiment every day, it’s lucid dreaming (among many other changes).

I have now another life in my dreams, every night.

What’s new now is that reality and dreams tend to connect through bridges.

In the case of this dream, it was “primed” by a tweet from Elon. Getting back to the real world was my son Falco playing on top of me. I used to not remember my dreams and not being lucid in them, now I tend to think of what I dreamt about throughout the day and get many insights from them. I am still learning to interpret them. I also pay attention to the “bridges” what gets me from reality to dream life to reality.

We create our own reality constantly

When we dream, our consciousness is much more connected and our brain is much more “free”.

When we are awake, with some work we can create a different reality. We do it all the time without being aware reading a book or watching a movie.

Traveling is a great way to change reality. I was just in the Amazon forest surrounded by millions of animals and plants and hanging-out with indigenous who think of everything in a completely different way.

Living better and happier is for me learning to create a different reality.

Life challenges us all the time, it is easy to fall into focusing on those challenges, problems and getting into a bad mood. It is however equally easy to take a broader view and enjoy anything that happens as an experience we get to live. There is also always the next night for more adventures in dream life (I am looking forward to continuing that dream exploring space!).

I would like to talk a bit about PAUA now as it’s next month and it’s very real.

Creating a different reality with PAUA in Paris May 12-13

Creating a different reality in Paris for two days is one of the reasons my team and myself organize PAUA in Paris in about a month (early bird tickets end April 10, get one now!).

We brought speakers from all around the world on the topic of natural versus artificial intelligence. Indigenous elders, technology and science experts and entrepreneurs will share their own reality and invite you to raise our consciousness.

I am so proud of bringing to our participants such incredible talks, here are some of the speakers-

Straight from the Amazon forest, we just confirmed a few hours ago two members of the Puyanawà tribe, check-out all the profiles on our website.

It took quite a bit of work to have all these people come to Paris for us, we’re doing it because we have the passion to share something different. We talk about AI and technology but it’s an event for self-development and changing our minds. It’s different this way than most events.

Would love your help! Here are a few very easy ways to help. I really appreciate it.

-follow and share PAUA on Twitter
-follow and share PAUA on Instagram
-follow and share PAUA on LinkedIn
-like and share PAUA on Facebook

We also understand that the ticket price (399 euros early bird) might be a challenge for some of you so we are offering a referral simple system that if three of your friends buy tickets with your link (every ticket comes with an individual referral link) your ticket is free.

Ambassadors program

We have just started a PAUA Ambassadors program with discount links to your community and a commission, all the details are in our Circle community.

Finally we’re hosting a PAUA community special call next Tuesday at 18h CET, I hope you can join!
*Tuesday, April 11, 2023*.
18:00 h CET
Host: Loïc Le Meur
Topic: PAUA Paris 2023 and future of PAUA community
*New link:* https://us06web.zoom.us/j/87520417983?pwd=d2JUZVdCR3Q3c3BkbFhvSUFrRzNBdz09

...and join us circle, which we are using more and more and post recordings there https://circle.paua.life/c/community-calls

That’s it for today.

For my next newsletter I will share about closing my one year dieta, which just happened on April 2nd. Talk to you all soon!

Oh, before I forget if you’re curious about the Amazon and uncontacted tribes, how to work with Anacondas… do not miss this video of Paul Rosolie with Lex Fridman.

Loic's letter - Exploring the Mysterious

Loic Le Meur's Podcast

After launching startups and conferences all his life Loic spent a year in the Amazon forest with indigenous and came back exploring consciousness but staying grounded in business. See also Loic's newsletter at http://loiclemeur.com