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Change your story, change your life.

An obvious realization.


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Before I start, here is an unusual invitation for women only. My partner Magdalena is starting an intimate women's circle, a 29.5-day exploration of women’s cyclical nature, the mysteries of the Feminine realms, the Moon & the Womb space.

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A few days ago, I wrote about receiving one of my first healings during a daytime ceremony while walking in nature in Peru.

I have received this comment:

Great story again. Thanks. But you leave us expecting more when saying it’s healing... then “healing what? It’s not the right time to discuss this.” 😀... oh well, let’s be patient!

You received healings, but for what? Good question.

It will take many newsletters to answer this question more comprehensively, but I can already share one healing.

“Healings” come in many ways and many forms.

In our Western societies, we get mainly healing when we are sick. We see a doctor, take medication, and sometimes get surgery or hospital admission. It generally works well. I use it too when I need it, fortunately quite rarely.

Mind health and depression, the so-called “silent killer,” are much more subtle and harder to identify and solve.

Back to the question, healing what? The mind.

“Change your story, change your life” came to mind.

Spending time with my baby, I noticed an apparent behavior only babies have to such an extreme. He is busy with something, like, say, a car toy.

There is a story going on about the car. What is it? What is it for? What color is it? Has the baby made the connection with the cars in the street? He suddenly seems fascinated with the car until he decides it’s not interesting anymore and drops it on the floor.

Then, he will turn his attention to a flower in the garden. Everything is of interest and to be discovered. The flower contains all the magic in the universe for him. Baby will touch it, smell it maybe, and even grab it. It’s like he saw the stars in the sky for the first time. Until he sees enough of that flower, and let’s say the cat shows up, it’s all about the cat for only a few minutes.

We would call this behavior in an adult “Attention Deficit Disorder” and see it as a problem, but it is beautiful for babies, right?

What I see here is the extreme flexibility of a baby's brain.

A baby's brain does not have much past knowledge, memories, and experiences; therefore, the baby is interested in everything and keeps changing his attention from one point of interest to the next. The baby’s brain is pure and open to everything, especially to constant change.

As we grow older, we lose that flexibility as our mind gets heavily busy and packed with conditioning, stories, habits, things we like, dislike, etc…

I once heard an investor’s wife say, “My husband has been an investor all his life, so he cannot do anything else anymore; that’s all he knows; he cannot even retire as this is how he likes spending his time.”

Nothing is wrong with this, but if we pay attention, there is a strong story here.

The wife projects negative thoughts (which might or might not be true) that “he cannot do anything else anymore.” The story is so strong it could be a spell, as her influence is strong.

Change the story, and maybe it is the opposite, and it is the investor who keeps telling a negative story to his wife: “I cannot do anything else than investing that’s all I know,” and she repeats him, making it even more accurate and real. The conscious crowd calls this “manifesting”.

Change the story again, and maybe they are both very happy not to change anything and therefore “manifest” that nothing should change and “we're happy this way”.

Change the story one more time, and it might be the complete opposite; they are both completely bored with this life and want to change it, but for some reason, don’t hit the remote control and do not change it.

Who knows? Do they know themselves? What is their story?

It does not matter as long as we are conscious that an infinite number of stories can be created or “real” for the same sentence I heard. I might understand one thing, and someone else nearby the opposite. There is no right or wrong, just several stories, often creating misunderstandings and sometimes unnecessary conflicts.

The Chariot card comes to mind in both the Dali and the Jodorowsky/Camoin decks. I studied Tarot a bit and loved it.

The Chariot represents the necessity for someone to decide his or her destiny, not to be bounced around by stories.

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