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Beyond limitation.

"We open our eyes to see beyond what we have seen before"

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Loic Le Meur
After launching startups and conferences all his life Loic spent a year in the Amazon forest with indigenous and came back exploring consciousness but staying grounded in business. See also Loic's newsletter at
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In my previous newsletter, I talked about energy healings that most people don’t believe in because science cannot explain them or because it’s really difficult to prove that they do anything. What if our knowledge is just limited?

How has Elon Musk sent reusable rockets to space and revolutionized the car industry without knowing anything about these two industries?

Elon has no limitations in his mind that say, “It’s impossible you will not make it.”

This is how he did it: no limits and no fear of failure.

Most people think, “I won’t create this because I know it will not succeed.” This is why so few people create a startup.

Simple enough?

How about if our limits are also entirely created “artificially” in our minds?

Imagine we own a tiny home, and this is where we live.

We can barely open the main door as so much furniture is inside. After pushing hard on the door, we finally came inside. We can barely move as there is so much stuff.

There are all these things that we carry but do not need.

There are our diplomas, the old photographs of friends you have not talked to for many years, old keys to a place you do not even remember. We look at that old letter that was so important to us, that little box an ex gifted us, these shoes that we “love” but can’t even walk with. Perhaps we kept them because we wore them at a wedding...

This home is our mind.

It is packed with memories and filled with the past. What our parents told us was that we were.

The country where we were born makes us different than the rest of the world. “We are [put your nationality here]” separates us from anyone from another country.

Maybe we were raised with a religion; that belief makes us different and often in conflict with anyone who follows another or no religion.

Maybe we started following a political movement.

Maybe we do not even know why anymore. We just grew up this way. Perhaps it is a family “tradition”. It has become part of “us” being [add your country, religion, or political views here].

These walls inside our home are all limitations.

These limits others have created for us, or we made them ourselves.

This is conditioning. We conditioned ourselves with limits, making our minds smaller and smaller jails.

If you get this diploma, you will succeed professionally.
If you read this book, you will know marketing.
If you take this course, you will play guitar well.
You will be a great product manager if you work for this brand.
If you spend years meditating, you will become enlightened.
If you behave well, you will go to paradise (otherwise to hell).

“You need time to” become this, achieve that, finally be happy… Really?

Time is also conditioning—a human invention.

Can we be free immediately? Why wait for a would-be enlightenment or paradise?

How about we remove the walls inside our minds? How about we no longer see ourselves as the center of the little jail we created? Is it possible?

How about we stop focusing on the limitations and only on the gigantic space the universe offers?

In the jungle, they explained it to me this way

“If there is no room in your home [your mind], spirits will not come. Make space in your home so magic can happen.”

The non-mystical version is simple: remove the walls inside your mind—all of them. There are no limits.

The only limits are those we allow ourselves to create inside our minds.

The whole universe is inside us.

Here and now, before Earth and Sky
We stand
We feel the blessing of your infinite love
In our bones
In our blood
In our breath
In our hearts

We open our eyes
To see beyond what we have seen before
We open our ears
To hear what we could not hear before
Beyond limitation
Beyond the Beyond

We feel a new story emerging from our cells
And rippling out into our lucid bodies
As waves of love remind us of who we really are
Dissolve us into what we have always meant to be

And the layers between us
And who we are meant to be, fade away
And suddenly, we realize
We are all that we dreamed we could be
"To see without eyes
To walk without feet
And to fly without wings"
This is my prayer for you

-a call to prayer, a song by Estas Tonne

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