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#54 Alcohol is poison
#54 Alcohol is poison

I quit drinking entirely almost two years ago and lost about 10kgs (20 lbs) just from that. This is before I quit, obviously, I look much healthier now and not intoxicated as I am on this photo.

In the village I was in the Amazon forest, alcohol consumption and even possession is strictly forbidden. Why? They know alcohol is poison.

Ethanol is poison.

Here is how the body metabolizes it and how it damages your liver, attacks the cells of the body, creates high blood pressure, strokes…

This is one of the largest lie of the simulation we live in. The big alcohol business did well lying. People are encouraged to drink to remain stupid, full of negativity, pain, suffering, darkness, it lowers the intellect, diminishes spiritual work, and all things a human must have to "wake up in the dream.

Here is what a friend wrote to me -

“all alcohol, cheap or expensive, delicious or bad-tasting, is flavored ethanol. No exception! When the person drinks it the body goes through so much to break it down, and it creates a lot of sugar from it, cortisol, and it creates inflammation in the body and the body puffs up (even the face). Most importantly, it lowers the person’s vibrational state and it opens him/her to lower vibration archetypes. The word alcohol comes from Arabic and it is originally alkohool (the h here is a guttural sound)  “al-ghoul” which means a “flesh-eating monster.” It also fucks up the liver (where it is processed and broken down) and the liver is the organ associated with anger! This means no peace or inner peace.”

Yes. Wine too.

I was seated in a plane to Paris yesterday with someone literally reading a story why wine was so good for the health. It’s a story told by those who have an interest in selling wine (random link Google gave me) that most people started believing and spreading.

Many of my friends have health issues because of alcohol.

This is why I write this, I love my friends.

I am no doctor but it’s pretty obvious that it is the first thing to stop. It becomes more obvious as you get older.

Alcohol is one of the most evil and most poisonous drug, yet widely accepted.

People are addicted to it because it is widely accepted, even fancy, and they can self-medicate well on it but only addressing symptoms—not causes.

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Loic's letter - Exploring the Mysterious

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